Challenging yourself reaps benefits: Day 3 of my 30 day challenge.

17th October 2017

So today I went to the gym where I did my abs and full body challenge alongside running on the treadmill, lifting some dumbbells, cycling on the bike, and using hip machines. As usual, I was horrendous at the push ups! It’s actually quite funny how badly I do them. The intensity is already stepping up quite fast – more exercises have been added, and I’m having to do more reps. For example, I had to do 43 reps of abdominal crunches! And doing that is TOUGH. I had to pause every now and then for about 3 seconds, it was burning. When I move my body in certain ways I can feel the effects – my glutes feel achy, my arms ache. Oh yeah! I had to do something like 44 cobras, and that HURTS! I’m used to doing cobras during yoga but doing multiple reps of them really leads to a burn in the arms, more so than the abs in my experience.

Overall I feel more achy from this than I did when I did my own routine and it was hard to stay on track and stay motivated. This challenge so far is keeping me stimulated and motivated to keep going. May I also add how important strecthing at the end is – as well as reducing the likelihood of injury, for me it’s a therapeutic process. It’s my escapism, my chance to find what feels good before I head back home. I also recently found a great music artist called Mickey Shiloh and I listened to her during my workouts, particularly when I was on the bike. The genre is really cool and hip-hop/r & b, and it was nice to listen to a woman sing about not being in to a man rather than pining for him as though she can’t live without him! The song “Try” linked above is more sexual and lustful, but that is nevertheless a good discovery. That and Umm – such a great tune!

It feels rewarding to have got that done. So get moving and challenge yourself, you won’t regret it.




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