Identifying negative self-talk: Day 5 of my 30 day fitness challenge.

19th October 2017

There’s me, making the 6th leg raise and feeling as though getting to the 50th is impossible – I start to say “I can’t”, and I realise how much that of an impact that voice may be having on my performance. Of course, there was a physical element there – today was tough! Particularly the abs exercises – I’m not used to doing consecutive days of exercises like this, and I suppose it’s taking its toll to an extent.

For the full body work out I did exercises such as curtsy lunges, crunches, and bridges. I really felt the burn with the more reps I did – particularly when doing the regular lunges. But as I reached the abs workout I grew increasingly knackered. I know that’s a good thing, but I can’t help feeling disappointed that I can’t do 50 straight reps of an exercise without pausing. To be fair, 50 reps after 5 days is quite a massive step so I suppose its understandable, but again there is that critical voice in my head. I imagined someone was there encouraging me, telling me to keep going (e.g. “two more reps, you can do it”) which sounds incredibly sad, but it helped. It felt as though I wasn’t alone in what I was doing and someone believed in me, even if they didn’t really exist.

I followed a house playlist today – it’s my favourite genre and it was upbeat, but not like a racket, like a lot of music often used to exercise to is. I think, to an extent, it kept me grounded, although I don’t know whether that’s just my imagination.

But again, I’m not intending to be negative – blogging about my experience has helped me to identify the factors that help and that may be detrimental to my performance. It’s a learning curve. I hope some of you check out the challenge app: here it is for anyone that’ interested.



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