Readjusting after a rest day: Day 7 of my 30 day fitness challenge.

21st October 2017

So yesterday I had a rest day – I skipped a rest day before hence why it looks like I skipped a day. I was really naughty last night…I had a whole terry’s chocolate orange, and 5 doughnuts in the evening! Can you believe that? I couldn’t help it – I struggle to leave food like that once I bought it. Nevertheless, I rarely eat like that so it was a real treat!

So up I got today at about 5.45 – I’ve had little sleep and needed to get the coach to come home for the weekend. I spoke to my mum for a little bit and eventually sorted myself out – I was ready to get back in to the swing of things! I do feel somewhat guilty about the food from yesterday, but waking up and having a fresh start, a fresh day, helps me to readjust my mind set.

I’ve noticed the impact of having other things on my mind on my experience of the challenge. I didn’t feel as excited and as invigorated from the work out, and I think doing it at home rather than at uni may have something to do with it. Maybe because I felt more self conscious of being overheard and so concealed how I’d usually express myself, it’s like repressing things.

New exercises today included side lunges, wall sits, and one leg bridges. I think I had a few worries about my form, particularly when doing sit ups (a lame attempt at them, may I add) and one leg bridges. I did feel the burn though, particularly in my upper back and shoulder area. I also notice how I forget to focus on my breath when I do tough exercises.

I’ll leave that for now. It’s time for me to rest. Zzzzz.





  1. I have the same difficulty when exercising, so many other things on my mind I don’t concentrate on what I’m doing. Years ago when I was full-heartedly into fitness there was a huge difference as I was mind and body into my routine. And it did make a huge difference.
    I any event, Kudos to you and all the best in keeping up your routine 🙂


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