The toughest day yet: Day 11 of my 30 day fitness challenge.

26th October 2017.

Wow. Today was TOUGH. I did have a full day of training for a position through my Uni, and so when I got back at about 4.45 I started the challenge straight away, otherwise I would’ve found it more difficult to motivate myself later on! It’s really stepped up – the workout consists of more exercises, and I’m having to do a lot more reps. I have been eating pastries all day so maybe having a massive sugar rush has contributed to my fatigue but right now I feel exhausted!

Exercises for my full body work out included curtsy lunges, burpees (GRRR), star jumps, and full arm crunches. Doing straight reps really is so hard – but even if it means pausing for 3 seconds, it’s worthit. I really felt the pressure and it was taking its toll as I got further in to the routine. I was really tired but I pushed through. Without a doubt, this is the toughest day yet. Despite this achievement, I must admit all I can think about is eating more pastries at my second training day tomorrow – oops!

It’s intriguing, thinking about how best to approach a healthy lifestyle, and what attitude is best. I used to be really disciplined – refusing to eat anything remotely unhealthy and I did well. But recently I’ve learnt that it’s okay to treat yourself – but I suppose I worry about regressing too much and actually making less progress because of my new laid back nature to food. But then, what impact will this discipline and restrictions have on our satisfaction and happiness levels? (I know..I’m clearly trying to justify eating pastries).

Can’t stop yawning. I’m off.




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