My Yoga today: Freedom and Forgiveness.

10th October 2018

I’m all over the place at the moment- one day I’m depressed as ever, the next I’m full of energy and I feel so alive! I’ve been through a range of emotions today but this evening I feel like I’m on a bit of a high so I used it to get on the mat and do some yoga. I’m a big fan of Yoga With Adriene- she’s an inspiration of mine. If you’re not aware, Sarah Bowman puts together monthly calenders featuring Adriene’s youtube videos. The video for today is from Adriene’s first challenge called 30 days of yoga:


I remember doing the 30 days of yoga challenge three years ago, in the summer before I started uni! I remember really enjoying it- I’ve come a long way since then in terms of cultivating a better relationship with myself and with yoga and so it is a nice feeling to reflect back to that ❤

This practice feels quite swift, it’s energising and uplifting but doesn’t feel taxing. Well, at times it did…

The beginning was interesting- we usually begin seated but in this one we began standing, and I enjoy beginning this way because I can focus on feeling rooted to the earth and working from the ground up in a mindful way. There was a freestyle vibe incorporated, starting with easy breezy wrist circles, neck rolls and shoulder rolls before entering the flow. I find simplicity such as this really enables me to connect to my body and find what feels good without being bound to a particular structure. Adriene’s content is unique because she doesn’t instruct in a way that is limiting, she encourages us to find what feels good for us.

I particularly enjoyed the gate variation, flowing in to it following modified warrior 2. Overall, the practice was particularly beneficial for the back, with challenging sequences to light fire in the belly! Towards the end we did side plank which I found a lot harder than I expected, it placed a lot of strain on my wrists and I was shaking! I set an intention to “embrace the energy” at the start of the practice and so tried to remind myself of this as I stuck through the tremble!

It was definitely a quicker sequence- it goes by quite quickly without you necessarily noticing, but it still feels fulfilling. I find 20 minutes to be a good amount of time on the mat, which doesn’t seem like a lot considering classes tend to be around an hour. But it really is possible to get what you need in a short space of time on the mat- I often feel as though I’ve met my edge and can comfortably leave the mat feeling energised and satisfied.

When I noticed the word “forgiveness” in the title, I immediately thought about how it would feel to forgive myself. Not in the sense that I’ve done wrong, but that I’ve been hard on myself and I’ve perhaps adopted negative thinking patterns which reinforce my depressed state. During the practice I also recognised that I chose to enjoy my body as it is, without being constantly critical about the fat here, the shape there, what’s not good enough about this or that area. A lot of positvity on the mat this evening!

So overall, today’s yoga was a mixture of vibrancy, energy and fun.



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