Oh, the burn!! Day 4 of my 30 day fitness challenge.

18th October 2017

So last night wasn’t great. I eventually settled down but I was very triggered by the discomfort I have being in my halls of residence at Uni. This morning I woke up feeling mixed emotions – I wasn’t sure whether I was okay, or the same as last night, and it made me a little unsettled. I watched a programme, and put my fitness gear on to do Day 4 of my challenge – I wasn’t going to give up!

I began with a warm up by Fitness Blender  on Youtube  – I find that warm ups are a good way to get focused and mentally prepared for the challenge in a way that’s gradual and not too daunting.  It was a routine that was easy but not too easy, it still gave me a healthy challenge to get my heart pumping.

So as usual, I did my full body and abs work out. It didn’t feel as though I was jumping around as much in the full body one today compared to the past few days. It was still fun though – I did moves such as squats, curtsy lunges and reverse crunches. May I add, THE BURN!! I had to do 40 reps of various abs exercises during that work out and it just feels impossible to do that many reps without pausing, even if only for 3-5 seconds. Although it was good that I completed it and I understand the importance of remaining positive, I did worry about whether I’m doing the challenge well enough and if I really should tick off this day if I didn’t just do 40 straight reps in one go. Although I equally know that if somebody else was in this situation, I’d challenge them and say something is better than nothing. So I suppose I’m becoming more aware about myself and how I think throughout this challenge as well as noticing physical changes.

I started a move I haven’t done before – wide arm push ups!

Obviously..I did it nothing like that man who moves so effortlessly. I was on my knees, but I did notice that it felt slightly easier than doing regular push ups. I’d love to be able to do full press ups one day.

Another thing…when I went to get in the shower, I noticed a pain in my abs/stomach similar to period pain! How terrifying is that girls? I’m usually able to distinguish easily between different kinds of pain so it felt quite odd to think exercising was producing such a similar sensation.

So, that’s my fitness goal achieved today, and it feels like a real accomplishment to stay connected with fitness every day, even if it’s only brief.


So it may burn, but don’t give up – you won’t regret it.



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